Floki appreciation week

Day 1: Favorite smartass scene  I know who I will kill.”

Anonymous asked: Bills Skarsgard instagram is sillenbarskap but is private ;( but i just try everyday until he follows me omg i am so bad c:

Dammit Bill, haha. Maybe one day you’ll luck out!

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 Happy Birthday Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård [August 25, 1976]

I’m not interested in parts where they are looking for a good-looking guy. I want to be a weird little sidekick in a crazy comedy and then play like a dark drama or a thriller.”

elinsofieh asked: They all have social media, but private ones. Valter has an open Instagram and Twitter though. Instagram is valterskatsgard and twitter valterskarsgar without a d in the end.

Damn these guys! Thanks for the info :)

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Anonymous asked: Does anyone of the brothers have some sort of social media? I feel like I've looked everywhere and can't find them anywhere!

As far as I can tell, none of them do :( they’re all antisocial dickbags! They’re lucky we love them, huh?

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bill skarsgård
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